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Mobile Commerce Spreads Like Wild Fire in 2014

The internet has greatly influenced how business is conducted nowadays with most people today doing their shopping online. When e-commerce came into being, business men and consumers equally benefited from this new development. Buying and selling of products has since then become fast and easy. With only an electronic gadget and an access to the internet, transactions have now been made possible at the comfort of ones home. However, e-commerce is just a tip of the ice berg. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is presently taking all the credit for e-commerce since it has brought the market right in the pockets of the retailers and consumers.

With the increased technological developments in handheld devices including mobile phones, tablets and personal computers; shopping is as close to you as your wallet is. These is because a mobile device can easily allow access to the internet from any place and at any time without the need for a place to plug in. The developers of these wireless devices including Samsung, LG, Nokia and Sony Ericson have gone a long way releasing new up-to-standard smartphones and tablets that are enabled to access social networks and emails. This has eventually spearheaded the booming sector of m-commerce.People are now subscribing to m-banking, online purchasing of air tickets, hotel booking and reservations among others using their mobile applications that support m-commerce and mobile advertising. According to a report from inmobi.com, more of these consumers will use mobile commerce in the year 2014. They predicted that there will be a 15% rise in mobile commerce up to 83% in the next three months. This indicates that more and more people are trusting their mobile devices for making transactions. So what are the current trends in mobile commerce that are making it explode? They include:

  • Mobile advertising which is currently becoming very appealing to the consumers. Most entrepreneurs have turned to mobile marketing and with most of the targeted consumers owning a mobile device, it has become the best way to sell a product.
  • Mobile shopping; many businesses have heavily invested in creating mobile apps that will get their customers to buy their products.
  • Emergence of mobile payment services and the widespread use of the same. For instance, PayPal, Google wallet and Payoneer have attracted many buyers and sellers to use their services for their intended transactions.
  • Rise in mobile devices that can be worn like eyeglasses, a watch or a bracelet. The Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Google glass are good examples of this technology.
  • Designing of websites that are optimized for mobile devices is another trend in mobile commerce that is of great importance. This is done to avoid a poor, illegible website on the mobile devices so that the users can not understood what the website is meant for.

Mobile Commerce is still growing and in the years to come it shouldn’t surprise us if most transactions will be automated using your mobile device. It is a future that is indeed possible and we should be ready to embrace it.

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